Architectural Control Committee This page contains the following:

General Information

The ACC desires to provide owners with the opportunity to secure individual freedom of design and style while maintaining quality control and harmony with the particular lot, surrounding lots, and general landscaping. The ACC goal is to attain the highest quality of development and construction and to ensure lasting value. It is to the benefit of all Owners to have a guideline of architectural standards as to the quality of workmanship and materials, harmony of exterior design, and color with existing structures and the location with respect to existing topography and finished grade elevation. ACC applications must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of requested start date for all new constructions on lots and for any and all adds, changes, or deletions to existing homes and or landscaping. For questions, please contact the BOD ACC Chairman. Please make special note of the following list of CC&R Articles and understand your rights as well as your responsibilities prior to undertaking any construction, landscaping or other alteration (new or revisions) to your property. Failure to comply with CC&R or to follow guidelines could result in fines or civil action being taken by IRHOA against homeowners who do not receive approval for any items falling under these Articles

ARTICLE V– Architectural Control Committee ARTICLE VIII—Landscaping & Exterior Maintenance ARTICLE IX—Restrictions

Landscape and Irrigation Guidelines

1. Submitting Landscape and Irrigation System Plans for Approval a. ACC requires two (2) complete sets of landscape, fencing, and irrigation plans. b. Please mail plans to Independence Ranch HOA, P.O. Box 3206, Grand Junction, CO 81502 c. Timing – please allow thirty (30) days for approval process. If you need to proceed in less than thirty (30) days, please indicate on your plans and contact an IRHOA board member. d. At a minimum, plans should include: i. All property boundaries and location of house (includes driveway, porches, etc). ii. Location of watering heads and zones, marked in such a way that the approval committee can determine compliance with the 15 gallon per minute, per zone restriction. iii. Location and type of trees/shrubs in such a way that the approval committee can determine compliance with minimum requirements outlined under “Landscaping”. iv. Your and the landscaper’s contact information (if a contractor is being used) 2. Irrigation a. System Requirements: i. Flow of irrigation water shall be limited to 15 gallons per minute for each irrigation zone. ii. Lawn area shall be restricted to a maximum of 40% of the total square footage of the lot. iii. Flow of irrigation or city water must be controlled by an individual automatic sprinkler system. iv. Use of irrigation system shall be controlled by the Homeowner Association (HOA) under the rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors, which may include adopting a watering schedule. b. System Management: i. Due to the adequate but finite supply of irrigation water possessed by Independence Ranch (90 shares), it may be necessary for the HOA Board of Directors (BOD) to enact a watering schedule that was recommended by the landscape contractors at the time the system was designed. ii. The need for enacting this schedule will be determined, in part, by the cooperation of the residents in adhering to the system management guidelines and watering their lawns no more than 3-4 times per week. Longer, less frequent watering promotes deeper roots and heat resistant lawns. 3. Landscaping a. For regulations on fences and other topics (e.g. boats, RV, trailer parking restrictions and sheds) not covered in this document, please refer to the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of Independence Ranch Subdivision. b. It is the duty and obligation of each homeowner to landscape the front and side yards within sixty (60) days from taking legal ownership of the home (or by June 1 if occupancy during the winter after Oct 1) and the back yard of the lot within one (1) year. c. Lot owners are required to comply with the following requirements which are incorporated as part of these guidelines: i. Minimum landscaping in the front yard shall include at least three (3) trees and 15 shrubs. No cotton-bearing cottonwoods or elms are permitted. The trees shall be two (2) inch caliber measured at one (1) foot above the base and shrubs shall be a minimum of five (5) gallons each. ii. Use created or natural drainage paths to drain storm and irrigation water to the front of your lot. Draining of water onto your neighbors or common area lots is prohibited, even if a house is not yet constructed on adjacent lots. iii. Xeriscape is allowed and shall present a lush appearance with terrain of soft mounds and swells for drainage. A series of berms, drainage paths and use different color rock will be required to ensure an attractive look.  Flat, one color rock plans are not acceptable. iv. Retaining walls shall be faced with the same masonry or stucco material.  Colors must compliment the house colors as determined by the ACC or match the primary or trim colors used on the principle dwelling. v. Care should be given to the integration and blending of any existing adjacent lot front yard landscaping. vi. All non-lawn areas are required to be coverd with a weed barrier prior to the application of covering (stone, wood chips, etc). vii. Xeriscape, other than normal shrub beds, shall present a lush appearance with terrain of soft mounds and swells for drainage. viii. Landscaping which includes lawn areas, for the non-lawn areas the use of a single theme of rocks or mulch is encouraged for the entire lot of non-lawn area. ix. Use of native, near native, and which are relatively drought-tolerant is encouraged. Planting of cottonwoods or elms is prohibited. x. Any tree or shrub planting which has died shall be replaced within one (1) month, or if weather does not permit, with one (1) month after the next growing season begins.

Common Offenses

Please note below special areas of concern that are repeatedly noted or brought to the attention of the ACC. Article V, Section 2: (Summarized). All construction and landscaping plans must be submitted in writing, reviewed and approved by the ACC. Allow 30 days for review. Additional information or clarification may be requested. Be sure all submissions have name, phone number and address of property in question. Front landscaping must be completed with 60 days and rear within one year ( Article VIII, Section 1 ) Article IX, Section 7: (Summarized). Lots to be maintained and clear of all junk, trash, litter or construction materials (after initial building has been completed). During the construction process, builders must maintain a neat appearance to properties, regularly clean sidewalks of mud and debris and not unduly block sidewalks from pedestrian traffic accept at times of direct work in the sidewalk area. Article IX, Section 9d: (Summarized). All sheds have setback, overall height and finish restrictions. Please review CC&R’s and submit plans. Shed setbacks are set forth by the City of Grand Junction and can be different for every property lot within Independence Ranch Subdivision. Article IX, Section 10a,b,c: (Summarized). A) RV and boat storage and parking restrictions. B) Abandon or inoperable vehicles. C) Repairing of vehicles. Article IX, Section 16: (Summarized). All garbage cans must be screened or stored out of site when not set out for regular collection. All garbage must be stored in a sanitary and organized manner until collection

Fine Policy

Rules and Regulations of the Independence Ranch Homeowners Association 1. Fine for Non-Payment of Assessment; Notice of Lien:  Any homeowner who fails to pay any regular or special assessment after receiving not less than two notices of such assessment may be assessed a fine of $250. In addition, the Association may record a public notice of the statutory lien in existence against such homeowner’s lot. (Adopted March 2003) 2. Fines for Covenant and Rule Violations 2.1. A homeowner violating the CC&Rs of the Independence Ranch Subdivision or rules adopted in accordance therewith (including, without limitation, landscaping guidelines), may receive a First Notice of violation from the Association, acting either through its Board of Directors or Architectural Control Committee. The First Notice will give the homeowner not less than one week nor more than three weeks (depending on the nature of the violation cited) to correct the violation noted; 2.2. If the violation noted in the First Notice is not corrected within the time prescribed in the First Notice, the homeowners may receive a Second Notice and may be assessed a $100 fine for each continuing violation (for example, if the First Notice notes two violations and neither is corrected when the Second Notice is issued, the homeowner will be assessed a $200 fine). The Second Notice shall state a date not less one week nor more than three weeks after the Second Notice by which the homeowner must correct the violation to avoid additional fines; 2.3. If the violation remains unresolved after the Second Notice, the homeowner may, or may not, receive additional notices of the violation. Whether or not the homeowner receives additional notices of the violation, the homeowner will automatically be assessed an additional monthly fine of $200 for each continuing violation. The automatic monthly fine will accrue on the first day of the month following the last day for correction stated in the Second Notice, and on the first day of each month thereafter until the violation is corrected (for example, if the last day for correction stated in the Second Notice was September 23, the automatic fine would accrue on October 1, November 1, etc, until the violation is corrected). 2.4. The Association may extend, modify or suspend the period for correction of a violation and/or and suspend future fines if the homeowner cited for the violation in question has communicated circumstances justifying such action to the Association and has agreed, in writing, to correct the violation by a stated “Correction Date.” If the violation remains following the Correction Date, the homeowner will again be assessed an automatic additional monthly fine of $200 for each continuing violation commencing on the first day of the month following the Correction Date and the first day of each month thereafter until the violation is corrected; (Adopted July 2004)