Common Area Irrigation System Overview

Independence Ranch obtains irrigation water from Redlands Water & Power Company Independence Ranch has 90 shares of irrigation water available to homeowners.

The irrigation water enters the subdivision through an 8 inch pipe at the lateral canal located at the upper end of Independence Valley Subdivision. The water must first enter through a series of cleaning grates that remove large debris from the water. These grates require cleaning on a daily basis.

The water travels through the pipe between the backyards of houses located on the south side of F 3/4 Road and the north side of Wrangler Court. These houses obtain their water directly from the main pipe as it enters Independence Ranch.

The irrigation pipe continues across 20 1/2 Road to the Pond Area. At the Pond, the pipe splits into two delivery systems. One pipe supplies water to the Pond while the other continue north to the lower portions of the Independence Ranch neighborhood.

The pond supplies water only to the upper end of the subdivision including Stetson Court, Paint Pony Lane, Wrangler Way, and the south side of Wrangler Court. The pond water is pumped up to this area of the subdivsion. The lower end of the subdivision obtains irrigation water independent of the pond. Irrigation water that is not sent to the pond continues to the lower end through the 8 inch pipe system.

For more information regarding watering and lawn management, see the CSU Cooperative Extension’s Web site

Independence Ranch HOA is not responsible for homeowners sprinkler systems. The HOA ownership of the irrigation system stops at the entry valve to each homeowners lot.

Irrigation water is not tap water with the supply being limited – that is why each homeowner’s sprinkler system must be designed to use no more than 15 gallons per minute.

The supply of irrigation water also is not continuous – the irrigation canal water is actually pumped up from the Gunnison River to the lateral canals. Redlands Water & Power Company does experience outages throughout the summer months.

The most common reason for the lack of irrigation water in the subdivision results from plugged cleaning grates due to canal debris. The second most common problem is that the canal water is not being pumped in sufficient quantities from the Gunnison River to supply our lateral canal.

The Independence Ranch HOA strives to supply a continuous supply of irrigation water to homeowners. However, irrigation systems are labor intensive and problems do arise that are beyond our control. We appreciate your patience during these unforeseen events.